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Motivational tips to get your health backHello, I’m Ype de Lang, born in august 1958 and live in the Netherlands. I know what I am talking about.

Since my early childhood, I have been interested in nature, science, astronomy, space programs and health issues. I’m an autodidact and my strength is to combine information from different sources and categories and bring this to a whole new level. Mostly this is about science and health issues like self-help, natural healing and the newest medical developments.

From the past till now I had many hobbies’s like astronomy (build telescopes), electronics (build my own electronic organs), photography (my own darkroom), creating music. I did a lot of research with Yoga, Meditation, EEG (electro-encephalogram), EMG (electromyography) and I was a naturopath.

Later I developed different new diagnostic programs with electro-acupuncture and I did a lot with microbiology. I developed also new blood analysis system and used my system 25 years to find the diagnose for people and made personal treatments. And now in this new era of communication, I want to help people worldwide with this Health Blog.


I want to tell my story, how I get back my health on track in a short time and how you to can get back your health.

On 30-dec-2010 I’ll get an aortic rupture. I survived this because my inner voice told me that I had to call very fast the emergency. When I got in the hospital the doctors put me to sleep and after a month I wake up and noticed that I was paralyzed. My first thought…. “I want to go so fast as possible back to my colleagues and want to go on holiday in America to do hiking in the mountains” (notice: I did not get in a self-pity). This was my motivation to overcome this and reach my goal. My wife put pictures of me on a mountain trail on my bed-board and I looked daily at this and visualized/manifested me there. Two months later I was the first person who has during rehabilitation got on holiday to Spain and I did a lot of my own daily motivating training and set my focus. After this one week holiday, I returned to 50% back to my work and colleagues. Two months later I did my hiking in America and I went full time back to my work. And till now I did more hiking trail’s in America and I have climbed the highest mountain I ever did in my life, the Angels Landing in Zion Utah….,

Motivational tips to get your health back


This is the power of the “law of attraction“, motivation, set your goal, control your behavior and visualizing, use manifestation and meditating about my goal.



What is an autodidact ?

Motivational tips to get your health backAuto- means “self” and “didact” comes from the Greek word for “teach,” so an autodidact is a person who’s self-taught. The definition of an autodidact is a person who learns something without a school or a tutor and educates himself and is someone who critically and willingly seeks out knowledge. Even the autodidact is surrounded by social influences, guided by the voices of parents and past teachers, as he roams library stacks and Internet sites alone. The final step in the process of becoming an autodidact is to begin to connect information from disparate sources and fields. There’s a current lack of autodidactism in the world, and being an autodidact is something I feel is necessary to be truly.


If you want to read more about this autodidact topic, you can find ebooks on this place.




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