Secrets About Your Inner Dialogue or Inner Voice


I want to tell my story, how I used this Awesome “Secrets About Your Inner Dialogue or Inner Voice”, how I restored my health in a short time and how you can too.

On 30-dec-2010 I’ll got an aortic rupture. I survived this because my inner voice told me that I had to call very fast the emergency. When I got in hospital the doctors put me in sleep and after a month I wake up and noticed that I was paralyzed. My first thought…. “I want to go so fast as possible back to my colleagues and want to go on holiday in America to do hicking in the mountains” (notice: I did not got in a self pitty). This was my motivation to overcome this and reach my goal. My wife put pictures of me on a mountain trail on my bed-board and I looked daily at this and visualized/manifested me there. Two months later I was the first person who has during rehabilitation got on holiday to Spain and I did a lot of daily motivating training and set my focus. After this one week holiday I returned for 50% back to my work and colleagues. Two months later I did my hicking in America an after that I went fulltime back to my work. And till now I did more hicking trail’s in America and I have climbed the highest mountain I ever did in my life, the Angels Landing in Zion Utah….,


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This is the power of the “law of attraction” and motivation, set your goal, control your behavior and visualizing, use manifestation and meditating about my goal.

The experience with this life-treatening health-issue was my motivation to create this eCourse because I know the importance of motivation.

Because I want to help you to achieve your goal’s, I researched all the diverent techniques that I used to restore my health in a short time. I decide to write my own eCourse in a simpel to understand form and as a complete step-by-step methode with all of the elements you need. And maybe this eCourse is to simpel but this is the most complete eCourse there is. You will learn how to manipulate trough hidden principle’s (Law of Attraction) and key’s (Affirmation, Mindset and Meditation) to achieve your goals. Are you ready for this life-changing eCourse and do you want to improve the quality of your life ?

Did you ever heard about the law of attraction or the secret law of attraction ? On YouTube you can find a lot of information about it. I told you about my lifestyle that I do diverent techniques to get my health back or use it to achieve my goal but you need more to use this laws of attraction. Motivation, mindset and affirmation are also important but how do you think about willpower and goal setting ? In the next post I will tell you my story and how I used this techniques in practice.


Think how it can change your life when you be able to control your own destiny!


This technique “Awesome Secrets About Inner Dialogue or Inner Voice” is something that I alway’s used in my life but I did not know how this was called because for me it was a normal way of life to achieve my goals. I want you to tell my story how I used this Awesome eCourse Secrets About Inner Dialogue and to restore my health in a short time and how you can too.



Secrets About Inner Dialogue

13TrAre you aware of your inner dialogue? If not, you can be aware of it at this moment. Just get quiet and listen, there is a voice inside you that is constantly talking to you all the time.

If you have ignored the power of this little voice, you have been missing a great tool for developing your personal power.

Your inner dialogue can be good or bad. If you have a positive thinking habit, your inner dialogue most likely is positive, and you will be very fortunate to enjoy the joy of positive living. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a positive thinking habit; their inner dialogues are negative. Although they are working hard to improve their situations, they are literally pulling themselves back all the time, and wondering why there seems to be no progress.

How much success and how much fulfillment you get in your life is directly promotional to the quality of your inner dialogue.

Since the inner dialogues are so important to your personal development, we really need to have a better understanding of the roles it plays.

Our inner dialogue is doing constant judgment and evaluation.

Whatever we see, hear or sense, our inner dialogue will give us a judgment of good or bad, right or wrong, based on our past experiences. This is very important for our survival. If you see a snake, your inner dialogue will tell you it is dangerous, if you see a flower, your inner dialogue will tell you it is beautiful. Your inner dialogue plays a role of guardian, protecting you from dangers.

However this inner dialogue is not always helpful when it comes to developing your personal power. Do you have a habit of saying the word “can’t”. If you do, I suggest you eliminate this word from your language. This may be the most valuable suggestion I can give you.


BE CAREFUL when your inner dialogue is telling you that you can’t do something.

To protect you from danger, your inner dialogue has the tendency to avoid doing new things. Its intention is good, it is trying to protect you, but at the same time, it gives you too much limitation. In order to grow, you must take new challenges, learn to do new things. Suppose you want to make a million dollars but you never did this before, you search the entire database of your past experiences stored in your mind, and could not succeed to find a way. Your inner dialogue will conclude “You Can’t”. It will try hard to convince you that what it says is true, because it does not want you to be in danger. However, in reality you must learn new skills and new mindset of a millionaire in order to have the new experience of making a million dollars. You will never find the solution in your old database.


91TrReplace negative inner dialogue with positive ones.

Don’t take it for granted for whatever your inner dialogue tells you. Think it one step further. Is that what it says really true? Be aware of your negative inner dialogue, and replace it with positive ones. That is all you have to do to achieve a successful and more fulfilled life.

Since it is so simple, why isn’t everybody doing it? There is only one reason and that is not everyone knows what is good and what is not good. This may sound like non-sense, but it is true. The majority of people don’t know what is good for them and what is not. When people have a problem, they go out to seek for solutions. They buy books, go to seminars, seek for mentor ships, and hopefully these will solve their problems. Unfortunately, these things will never solve all their problems, unless they change the approach.

Only when they realize that the solution is not outside of them, but inside of them, they will start to solve their problems. If you forget everything I talked to you so far, remember this “There is a solution inside you to every one of your problems”. You don’t have to go outside to seek for solutions; the solution is already inside you. There is a part of you that is eternal, which knows answers to all your problems. You only need to get connected to it. Listen to this eternal part of you and you will never have any problems. This part of you knows what is good for you and what is not, because it knows how the entire universe works, indeed it is the universe itself.

I don’t want to confuse you by talking too much about your eternal self, or true self, I only want you to know you can have access to this huge power of the universe. When you have it, nothing is beyond your reach.

Listen to your true self more and more, you will know the right answers more and more. Eventually, you will replace your negative inner dialogue with positive ones. You don’t have to work hard on this, it happens automatically once you get into the habit of listening to your true self.

To help you speed up this process, I would like to share with you this technique.


Positive inner dialogue exercise;
Every time you look into a mirror, make eye contact with your image, and repeat silently the following sentences.
– I am totally independent of the good or bad opinions of others.
– I am beneath no one.
– I am fearless in the face of any and all challenges.

These are some of the best inner dialogue’s you can have. Repeat them often; make them deeply embedded in your subconscious mind. You will see your life change automatically.


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